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Grocery Sales Forecast for May.

With May just around the corner most of us can't wait to begin our backyard living, but before we do that, we first have the opportunity to celebrate Mothers on their special day - the second Sunday of the month. This means the stores will be packed with Chocolates, Flowers, Bath Products and Fragrances. Competition between the stores to bring in the shoppers will be intense before Mother's Day, which normally means great prices, but for super buys, check the day after. If just wanted for personal use and not for a gift, that's the day to really find deals on those products - anything wrapped in ‘Mother’s Day’ packaging will be offered for huge discounts.

The beginning of May is the time to start becoming familiar with the regular price of summer-time products. Knowing the regular prices will help determine when a sale is a true sale because they're definitely not all the same. Some sales barely make a dent in the price, so setting a 'don't pay more than' price of 70% of the regular price provides a range to work with. For example, if the regular price of ketchup is $2.00, then the 'don't pay more than' price-range at 70% is $1.40-$1.50 or less. If the price listed is $1.90, then its time to wait for a better deal to come along.

May is also a the time to check the pantry and fridge for the best-by dates of condiments, seasonings and other products that may not have been used since last Fall. Its quite possible that several of them will have expired and will need to be replaced. With the summer-time sales coming soon, this is the opportunity to do so at what will probably be some of the best prices for some time to come.

The main happenings in May to impact prices are the Holiday Weekends, regarded by most as the Unofficial Kickoff to Summer. These weekends take place on:
Canada – May 18-20/2013, Victoria Day (May 2-4 Weekend) and
USA – May 25-27/2013, Memorial Day.
Pretty well anytime after the beginning of the month and during most of May, the following products will most likely be featured....Ketchup, Relishes, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, Salsa, Pickles, Seasonings, Barbecue Sauce, Steak Sauce, Marinades, Olive oil;
Tacos, Tortillas, Hamburg/Hot Dog Buns, Variety of Buns and Breads; Chips, Dips, Sour Cream, Cheese Slices;
Coke and Pepsi Products; Juices, Vegetable Cocktails, Yogurt Drinks, Energy Drinks, Bottled Lemonade and Iced Tea, Bottled Water;
Ice-cream-all kinds, Yogurt varieties, Popsicles-all kinds, Freezies;
Fruits and Vegetables – Asparagus*, Romaine Lettuce, Salad Blends, Assorted Peppers, Cucumbers- English and Mini, Mini Carrots, Corn on the Cob, Vidalia Onions;
Grapes, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Grapes.
*I just heard a rumor that, due to adverse growing conditions, asparagus may be in short supply this year. If this is true the price will more than likely remain high.  

May is National Asthma-Allergy Month, which is meant to create greater knowledge and awareness of these serious health issues. This will trigger the sale of over the counter medications intended to reduce and/or eliminate symptoms. 

With people longing for summertime and outdoor-living, choosing May to host National Barbecue Month was a natural. This promotion will influence the sale of meats and vegetables that are great grilled on the barbecue. Look for great prices for Beef – Steaks, Lean Ground Beef; Pork – Tenderloin, Backribs, Sideribs; Chicken – Breasts, Drumsticks, Legs (back attached); Other – Wieners, Beef Patties, Kielbasa, Oktoberfest Sausages, Breakfast Sausages, Bacon, along with the vegetables already listed above.

There's a better than average chance that the following products will be discounted during the month: 
Summer-Time Needs….Disposable dishes and cutlery; Paper products: Bathroom tissue, Paper towel, Paper napkins, Facial tissue, Plastic wrap, Foil wrap; Sunscreen, Insect Repelant, First-Aid Supplies, Batteries, and
Laundry and Dishwashing detergents.

Having a fairly good idea of what will be coming on sale within the next month helps plan the 'on sale' buying and makes cutting costs just a little bit easier.
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