Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sample Source - Try Before You Buy.

I would like to thank 'Anonymous' for taking the time to comment. I want to keep this blog interesting by providing bits of money-saving information not always thought of or remembered - receiving feedback lets me know if I'm meeting that objective. Thanks - I really do appreciate it!

This article was to have introduced Richter's herbs and my herb garden, but I'm having some trouble with the link to their catalogue so will put that off until the problem has been solved. In the meantime, here is a site I found that sounds rather interesting - Sample Source. I hate junk mail, but rather enjoy receiving those free samples that sometimes come to my mailbox. That's what Sample Source is all about. After checking them out I decided to include them here because their site fits nicely with the money-saving theme of this blog. What follows is a direct quote from them, in response to my request for permission, explaining what they're all about.

"SampleSource is all about HELPING consumers make smart shopping decisions by allowing them to Try Before You Buy. We believe that by trying products you may be interested in (or may have not otherwise known about), you get a chance to experience it first and decide if the product is right for your needs.

Different vs. simply getting "free stuff", we are more about making smart shopping decisions. Members answers important profile questions about who they are, what they buy, and what they like, and that helps us find samples they may be interested in. When samples are available that match their profile (usually a few times each year), we email them to let them know. They can then log-in, pick what they would like to try, and we will send them the samples they have selected to try, absolutely free. They then have the opportunity to give us their ratings, thoughts, reviews, and opinions so that their experiences with the products can help other Canadians make smart shopping decisions, too!"

I know I have purchased new products that turned out to be a disappointment and a waste of money, therefore being able to sample them before buying sounds like a great idea to me.

To check out this site, just click on the link: Sample Source 
They do not ask intrusive questions, all they want is enough information to be able to match the product to the member. There is absolutely no obligation to join and anyone can unsubscribe at any time. 

I have found (and checked out) several more sites that I think are interesting and informative that also fit the money-saving focus of my blog. I will add some of these in the future - in the meantime I've added links to previous sites - in the sidebar under the Richter's banner - keeping them accessible to anyone who may want to visit them.

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  1. Thank you... I wasn't aware of Smart Source. Many times I too have purchased "New" products, and often times paid more than I normally would have only to be disappointed.

    Posted by Anonymous to FRUGAL FOR EVERYONE at 28 May 2013 08:43


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