Monday, 18 November 2013

GIFT SHOPPING FOR YOUR FAVOURITE SENIOR? 20 Suggestions for "Clutter-Free" Gifts.

I've often found it a challenge to find just that perfect gift for the seniors in my life. By the time they reach that stage they usually have everything they want, yet you still want to get them a gift to let them know how special they are to you.
Now that I'm a senior myself I know the type of gift that suits - its not "stuff" that clutters, but things that create memories or makes life more enjoyable. Keeping that thought in mind, I've made up a list of suggestions for "clutter-free" gifts that I think will make that special senior feel treasured and appreciated.
  1. A donation to a favourite charity in his/her name
  2. Heart and stroke lottery calendar $25.00 or similar support of another charity's lottery
  3. A night out to a special Christmas concert or Christmas Eve Church Service
  4. Gift Certificate for a pampering service - hair wash & set; manicure/pedicure; facial; time at a spa; etc.
  5. A warm fleecy robe or slippers
  6. Gift Certificate for a car service - car wash and wax, oil change, etc.
  7. Driving Gloves  $10.46+ or Car Emergency Kit
  8. Christmas CD  $10.00 or Christmas DVD  $10.00+
  9. Set of stationery  $5.22+ with book of stamps
  10. A magazine subscription to match recipient's interests - Gardening for gardeners, Knitting for knitters, Do-It-Yourself for the handyman, etc.
  11. A storage container or pretty basket filled with appropriate craft supplies
  12. Lighted Reading Helper Magnifying Glass $3.59+  with a craft magazine or craft supplies
  13. A reference book to match interests, or three or four hardcover novels from used book store
  14. Diabetic Cook Book $11.59+, Kobo Editions $3.07+, or Gluten Free Cookbook $5.69+
  15. A puzzle book: Crossword, Word-finder, Sudoku, etc. $8.19+
  16. Jigsaw Puzzles $13.93+ with storage mat
  17. Simple Rules for Card Games $10.37+ with Deck of Playing Cards $7.59+
  18. First Alert Combo Smoke/CO Detector $54.47
  19. LED 3 in 1 power failure night light  $9.98
  20. Richter's - herbal products or books
To order from Richter's, click on the logo at right which will take you directly to their catalog.
Wild Herb Tea Blends $9.00 
Organic Spice Blends $8.00
Dried Herbs $5.00+
Natural Source Herbal Oils $5.00+
Large Selection of Books Including:
  • The Best Dressed Salad
  • Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances
  • The Herbal Home Spa
  • The Vegetarian Cook's Bible
  • Making Aromatherapy Creams
  • and many more
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Did this help you come up with ideas of your own?

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