Monday, 5 May 2014


Isn't life wonderful!!!  MAY IS HERE and with it the promise of hot weather and easy living. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, maybe it does. May also brings Mother's Day, the first Holiday Weekend of the summer, and many hot deals. Lots to look forward to.

With the better weather most of us can't wait to get outside to start sprucing up the yard and patio. Nurseries and garden centres will be competing big time to get your business. They'll be offering great savings on equipment and supplies including: plants, planters, garden tools, patio and deck furniture, and more, all those things that add to outdoor living enjoyment. For the hottest deals on plants, it's best to wait for the Holiday weekend.

The second Sunday of May was declared Mother's Day way back in 1914, only then it was meant as a day to thank and honour Mothers for their care and nurturing of the family, not the commercial day it has become. But since it is what it is, we may as well take advantage of it to pick up some great deals for mom and ourselves. This is the time to buy that piece of expensive jewelry as many pieces will be discounted up to 50% off. Then of course, there are all those deals on cosmetics, fragrance, bath products, chocolates and flowers. Good time to stock up.

If you are creative, buy flowers and greens separately, add a pretty vase and arrange them yourself.  A more personal gift for mom at less cost.

Treat yourself – shop on the Monday after, when products with Mother’s Day wrapping will be hugely discounted.  Chocolates, anyone?

The Southern States have started harvesting early fruits and vegetables. In Canada, some of our early produce has also started appearing on supermarket shelves. This means better prices for Asparagus, Fiddleheads, Lettuce, Early Onions. There may be some good promotional buys on Berries, Melons, and Grapes, but for stocking up and processing, prices will be much better later in the season when these products will be harvested locally.

Students will be returning home from College and University, while others are making plans for holiday trips. This prompts sales of luggage with deals up to 50% off. If you take the time to shop around you may do even better than that.

The first Holiday weekends, Victoria Day in Canada and Memorial Day in the USA, officially kick off the summer season with backyard living and BBQ time. Summer emphasis is on taking life easy, therefore look for sales of:
Wieners, hamburgers, steaks, sausages, condiments of all kinds, breads, buns, tortillas;
Coke and Pepsi  products, bottled water, iced tea and lemonade, all kinds of ice-cream, popsicles and freezies, yogurt and yogurt drinks;
 Disposable dishes, cutlery, napkins, etc.;
Personal electronics: IPods, eReaders, and Tablets, anything easily portable to use in the backyard or take along on trips;
Casual clothes designed for the relaxed summer lifestyle.

Mattresses will also be discounted during May. Don’t buy by brand name as that has much less meaning than it used to, but buy for comfort. You may want to refer back to my post Buying A Mattress

Hot deals, gardening, easy living, picnics and barbecues all add up to a wonderful summertime!!

Talk to you again next week,

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 Images courtesy of
 Hot deals-Stuart Miles; ToTheGarden-Stock Photo; Mother's Day-89 Studio; Suitcases-Victor Habbick; Outdoor BBQ and Mattress- John Kasawa


  1. Hi Lenie, Mays Hot Deals offers lots of good advice as always. I especially like the idea of creating ones own Mothers Day floral arrangement. Kids can create a much more impressive tribute at the same price, while adding a personal touch that I'm sure any mother would appreciate.

  2. I need any deal to try to help me save some money. It seems like money does not like to stay around me very long.

  3. Hello Lenie

    Many Ideas for discounted items from mattress to lettuce, flowers etc.
    I am happy that Mother day is near but I believe that each day should be mother day as she do not have breaks or any special days to help , guide and serve us , so why do we have special day for her. But everything is commercialized , even or emotions and feelings.
    It is good Idea to do as much shopping as possible during these discounts , it really helps to save.
    I am not sure about Victoria Day and Memorial day, why they are celebrated .. I will check them in detail.
    It is good Idea to give personal touch to gifts that will be sent to one , that means World to all of us.. MOTHER.

  4. Great ideas Lenie! Many I already follow but it's funny you mentioned buying a mattress. I am in the market for a new one right now. I'm checking out you post on mattress buying as I write this reply.

  5. I had no idea that May offered so many Hot Deals and bargains! I was particularly interested in mattresses being discounted...thinking that I need a new one, but had't done the research yet. So this is very timely for me Lenie!

  6. I love creating fun stuff for Mother's Day. I do my own floral arrangement and I'll add some of my homemade candies in a pretty box to go with it for a sweet treat. :-). All of that is much more personal then just buying something off the shelf. :-)

  7. This is great Lenie. I think these posts about saving are awesome and I thank you. Hot Deals are good any time of year but having you lay them out for us is especially helpful.

  8. Reduction season just got over a week back here in my town. Though I am bad at bargaining, i do enjoy shopping during this part of the year.

  9. Agree with you that May is a fantastic month for buying fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Had no idea matresses are on sale this month. Or maybe that's just in your country?

  10. Hi Lenie,
    Seems everyone is looking for a hot deal, and you've been thoughtful enough to present a number of them. I love this time of year for fresh produce and bulbs on sale at the local greenhouses.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Thanks for the tips because I could definetly use a new matress. I will be checking your post out about matresses. Thanks again

  12. Good ideas as always. What jumped out at me is fiddleheads- as in the fern? That's not a produce you find often in the states. Are they sold much in Canada? And another idea for plant sales is high school FFA's and local Master Gardeners.

  13. Very strange to hear about mattresses discounts during May for me! Here in Italy they are never treated as a seasonal product. In May there are lots of offers and discounts on gardening, outdoors, picnics and barbecues because the summer is so close!

  14. I always get so tempted by the wonderful flower baskets at Fred Meyer right before Mother's Day, but I've gotten better about making myself wait because I know the price will go down just a few days after and lots of great hanging baskets will remain.

  15. I love a good deal. I think I'll be sneaking out to find myself some jewelry and chocolates the day after Mother's Day! I always love your money saving tips - I'm in the market for a new mattress so I'll go check out that post as well.


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